Weekly Event Schedule


Entertaining Weekly Events 

Scofy's Social Club is your go-to destination for delicious food, great drinks, and an all-round amazingly good time. From darts and poker games to karaoke and live music, we have fun-filled events for each day of the week!

Check Out Our Weekly Event Schedule

  • Karaoke - Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 
  • All Dart Night - Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Live Band - Saturday (we host a different band every week) 
  • Poker Night - Monday  
Come in with your friends or family and enjoy our mouthwatering appetizers and specialty drinks. Our friendly employees have been with us for a long time; you’ll definitely love our great customer service!

You can also have a private party with your friends or family in our VIP room. Call us at 801-938-4505 for a FREE VIP room reservation!
 Join Us on a Monday Night to Play a Game
of Poker!
7176 S 900 E
“Darts live was packed and everyone was so friendly, and let's not forget about the drinks, it was well-priced and ice cold!” 

 -Shantel F.

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